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To Western Australia’s early settlers, a hotel was more than just a place for meals and accommodation; it was the heart of their community and played host to its social events and meetings. It was also a welcoming space where isolated settlers could meet others in similar circumstances and share ideas, assistance and companionship. When “The Farmers Home Hotel” was opened in 1866 these were the needs it met for the Northam community.

A variety of influences, such as the Temperance movement, The Gold Rush and investment from social elites, combined to change Northam and alter what the community required from the Hotel. Each time, the Hotel evolved to ensure Northam could continue to prosper.

"That old-established public house and premises in Northam known as the Farmers' Home, doing a good business for over nine years; containing two parlours, eight bedrooms, bar, tap room, kitchen, pantry, and store, a stable for six horses, and hay-rooms..."

1873 Advertisement Excerpt

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